November 1, 2019

Return Of The Rancher

Return of the Rancher Woody Creek Realty

Looking to build or buy a new home that’s high on style and efficiency? The rancher is back! The American ranch-style house, known as a “rancher” has been part of the great American Dream since the end of WWII, when popularity of suburban living soared. The one-level, ranch-style home has seen an uptick in popularity in recent years from families looking for something different from the two and three-story homes that have long dominated the suburbs.

Many home buyers are now actively seeking a ranch-style home. So what are some of the reasons for the rancher revival?

Open-floor plans are desirable and a rancher is a way to gain that open look and feel at a great price. Because ranchers are single level, they’re typically set up to flow well from room-to-room, with an open or connected kitchen, living and dining space. Another rancher perk is that they’re relatively easy to remodel. In most instances, people looking for a free flowing floor plan can easily achieve it by knocking down walls that separate rooms in older ranchers. For buyers looking for something new, working with an experienced home builder means they’ll be able to plan for an open layout without having to worry about compromising load-bearing walls.

The price is right for many people looking to purchase or build a home, with ranchers tending to cost less than two-story counterparts. With less wasted space and no multiple floors for upward air movement, heating and cooling ranch style homes tends to be less pricey. One level living makes for efficient heating and cooling, giving the homeowner more “bang for their buck.”

Older buyers looking to downsize are searching for ranch style homes avoid stairs and find low maintenance living. Active baby boomers also find the ranch style is a good choice if they need to bring an older family member in to live with them. One level living is easy on the body and great for anyone with physical limitations or challenges.

Younger, first-time homebuyers see ranchers as an affordable option, since many are less costly than comparable two-story homes. Many first-time buyers with young children also like the safety and security of one-level living, with no need to block stairways with child-safety gates, and less concern over fire escapes.

Mid-century modern style is experiencing a huge comeback, and home buyers see some ranchers as an extension of that style. Solid hardwood floors, steel casement windows, interior brickwork and a fireplace are feature staples in the ranch style home and buyers are lining up to take advantage of the design trend’s popularity.